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After you have successfully configured the audience key and SAML application, you can test activation before you activate the 3rd party IdP authentication for the entire domain. Once you activate 3rd party IdP authentication, you can begin using your 3rd party IdP to authenticate users with the selected email domain within the Infoblox services. That is, any user and portal admin with "" will be authenticated against the configured 3rd party IdP (your identity provider).

3rd party IdP authentication applies to all domain users attempting to access any of the following Infoblox sites: the Cloud Services Portal (CSP), SSO Portal, or Support Portal.


If multi-factor authentication or MFA is already activated for the selected domain, you cannot activate the 3rd party IdP until you have deactivated multi-factor authentication for that domain.

To activate 3rd party IdP authentication, complete the following:

  1. Log in to the Infoblox SSO Portal at
  2. On the 3rd Party IDP page, expand the Activate drop-down menu in the upper action bar, as follows:
  3. Click Activate for entire domain from the drop-down menu to enable 3rd party IdP authentication.


If after activating the entire domain, the administrator cannot log in to the SSO Portal, consider accessing the SSO Portal using the OTP (one-time passcode) to regain access and fix the 3rd party IdP configuration. For information about OTP, see One Time Passcode (OTP) Access.

To see IdP authentication in action, log in to the Cloud Services Portal or the SSO Portal with an email address in the selected domain. You should be able to see that the user is authenticated through the configured 3rd party IdP.

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