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You can test your 3rd party IdP configuration for a single user to ensure that the authentication is functioning properly before you activate 3rd party IdP for the entire domain. However, once you activate 3rd party IdP for the entire domain and wish to test the activation again, you must first deactivate the 3rd party IdP for the entire domain.

The Test Activation option allows you to select a single user within your configured identity provider to be authenticated when logging in to the Cloud Services Portal.  Note that the user selected for test activation must already exist as a user in the Cloud Services Portal (CSP).  In addition, IdP group mappings and CSP just-in-time (JIT) provisioning are not activated in test activation mode.  The 3rd party IdP federation must be activated for the entire domain for IdP group mappings and JIT provisioning to be in effect.

To test 3rd party IdP authentication, complete the following:

  1. Log in to the Infoblox SSO Portal at
  2. On the 3rd Party IDP page of the Infoblox SSO Portal, expand the Activate drop-down menu in the upper action bar, as follows:
  3. Click Test Activation from the drop-down menu to test 3rd party IdP activation.
  4. In the Test Activation dialog box, complete the following:
    1. User: Enter the handle of the test user. In this example, you are allowing "" to log in to the Cloud Services Portal using the identity provider credentials.

    2. Click Save & Close.


      If for any reason the test user cannot log in to the Cloud Services Portal, contact Infoblox Support for assistance.
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