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You can configure DNS properties at the global level, server level, view level and zone level. BloxOne DDI applies the properties hierarchically, with global DNS properties at the top of the hierarchy. Global DNS settings apply to all DNS servers and zones, unless you override them at these levels. For more information, see Configuring Global DNS Properties. When you set DNS properties for a particular DNS server, these properties override the Global DNS settings and apply to all zones served by that DNS server.

Following is the hierarchy for DNS objects:

Global DNS Properties


DNS Server


DNS View




The inheritance configuration is set to Inherit by default while configuring via the Cloud Services Portal or API. You must explicitly choose Override from the Cloud Services Portal or API to choose a custom value.

Overriding an Inherited Value from the Cloud Services Portal

To override an inherited value, complete the following:

1.    Toggle Override next to a property to override the inherited configuration. 

2.    Enter a new value to override the inherited value.

Overriding an Inherited Value from the API

To override an inherited value from the API, specify the following:

"inheritance_sources": {

                               "dns_config_item_x": {

                                   "action": "override"


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