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To effectively manage your core network services, you can grant legitimate hosts access to specific tasks and operations using an access control list (ACL). You can configure a named ACL, and then apply it to multiple operations.

When you define a named ACL, you add access control types such as IPv4 addresses, IPv4 networks, nested named ACLs, and then grant each entry in the list the Allow or Deny permission. For information about named ACLs and how to configure them, see Creating Named ACLs. Note that each operation supports specific access control types. You cannot apply a named ACL to an operation that does not support the access control types contained in the named ACL. 

To avoid conflicts and unexpected results, you must perform validations for all named ACLs before you use them for access control.

To view the list of named ACLs:

  • From the Cloud Services Portal, click Manage -> DNS -> Access Control Lists.
  • BloxOne DDI displays the following information for each named ACL:
    • NAME: The name of the named ACL.
    • DESCRIPTION: Information about the named ACL.

You can also do the following in this tab:

  • Click to reorder the columns.

  • Click  -> Edit or select the check box for the respective record and click the Edit button to modify a named ACL.

  • Select a named ACL to view the details. You can view details like description, list and tags associated with it on the right panel. If you do not want to view the details in the right panel, click .

  • Enter the value that you want to search in the Search text box. The application displays the list of records matching the keyword in the text box.

  • Click to filter the objects by name, type, and description.

  • Click  -> Move to Recycle Bin to move the object to the recycle bin. You can restore the object later or delete it permanently as required. For more information, see Recycle Bin.

You can perform the following actions:

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