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An address space represents the entire network topology using a typical tree representation. The top nodes represent all address spaces in the current level and each node has further child nodes of all networks underneath it that are shown when you click on the entry. The bread crumbs at the top show the chain of all parent nodes of the current address space.

To view the list of address spaces, complete the following:

  1. From the Cloud Services Portal, click Manage -> IPAM/DHCP -> Address Spaces.

  2. The application displays the following information:
    • ADDRESS / NAME: The name of the address space.
    • DESCRIPTION: Additional information about the address space.
    • UTILIZATION: The percentage of the total IPv4 DHCP utilization of the address space.
      • Red: The DHCP resources are 76%-100% utilized.

      • Orange: The utilization percentage is between 51%-75%.

      • Green: The utilization percentage is between 0%-50%.

You can also perform the following in this tab:

  • Click to reorder the columns or to select the columns to be displayed.
  • Click  -> Edit or select the check box for the respective record and click the Edit button to modify an address space.

  • Select an address space to view the additional details. You can view details like tags, leases, DHCP options, and filters. If you do not want to view the details in the right panel, click .

  • Click  to view the address space utilization details or click  to view the details in a tabular format.

  • Enter the value that you want to search in the Search text box. BloxOne DDI displays the list of records matching the keyword in the text box.

  • Click  to filter the objects by Address / Name, Description, or Utilization.

  • Click  -> Move to Recycle Bin to move the object to the recycle bin. You can restore the object later or delete it permanently as required. For more information, see Recycle Bin.

You can configure the following address spaces:

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