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You can configure the Data Connector to send source data to the supported destinations depending on the source and data type in your traffic flow. For information about the supported traffic flows, see Supported Traffic Flows.

The destinations supported by Data Connector are NIOS Reporting Server, Splunk, and generic syslog. The following topics include the configuration information for each destination.


Before you can configure a destination for a traffic flow, ensure that you set up your destinations properly.

Viewing Destinations

To view all the destination configurations, complete the following:

  1. Log in to the Cloud Services Portal.
  2. Click Manage -> Data Connector.
  3. Select the Destination Configuration tab, and the Cloud Services Portal displays the following for all the source configurations:
    • NAME: The name of the source configuration.
    • DESTINATION TYPE: The filter criterion for the destination process.
    • DESCRIPTION: The information about the source configuration.
    • STATE: Describes whether the configuration is Enabled or Disabled.

For more information on configuring destinations, see the following:

Data Connector uses generic syslog as the output mechanism.


The Data Connector does not support multiple destinations of the same type. However, you can configure multiple destinations of different types on the same Data Connector. For example, you can create the Cloud, reporting, and syslog destinations using a single Data Connector.

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