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NIOS Grid Connector provides a unified view of both on-premise NIOS Grid deployments and cloud managed BloxOne DDI deployments. If you have configured NIOS Grids to communicate with BloxOne DDI, you can enable the NIOS Grid Connector service on the respective on-prem hosts (Grid Master, Grid Master Candidate, or standalone appliance) to import certain DNS, DHCP, and IPAM data from the Grids or members to BloxOne DDI. You can then view the read-only data in the Cloud Services Portal, together with other network data. This capability provides you with a single interface for viewing comprehensive network data for your BloxOne Cloud infrastructure, such as global IP space, subnets, IP addresses, DHCP data, and DNS data. Note that this service can only be enabled on on-prem hosts running NIOS 8.5 or higher. 


The NIOS Grid Connector service does not support the importing of DHCP lease data from NIOS Grid. 

When NIOS is connected to the Cloud Services Portal, the Extended Attributes and other tags are automatically populated to easily identify the on-prem host that belongs to a particular Grid and the objects imported from NIOS. For more information, see NIOS Tags updated in Cloud Services Portal.


IB-100 and IB-8X0 series appliances (physical and virtual) are not recommended in the NIOS Grid Master and Grid Master Candidate roles, and therefore are not supported with the NIOS Grid Connector. For minimum system requirements for virtual machines, see VM Minimum System Requirements.

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