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The Portal Admins page displays users who have access to your SSO Portal account. These users are called portal admins. Each portal admin has a set of permissions granted to them through the user groups to which they belong. For information about user groups and permissions, see SSO User Groups.

The SSO Portal displays the following information for each portal admin:

  • NAME: The name of the portal admin.
  • EMAIL: The portal admin's login email address.
  • LAST LOGIN: The timestamp when the portal admin last logged in to the SSO Portal.
  • USER GROUPS: The number of user groups to which the portal admin belongs.

You can perform the following in the Portal Admins table:

  • Click the  icon to reorder or hide specific columns in the table.
  • Click the corresponding column header to sort the table data.
  • Click Export as CSV to export the list of portal admins to a CSV file.
  • Search for a specific portal admin via a partial NAME or EMAIL entry. For example, you can type "guide" in the search bar, and the table will display all the portal admins with the word "guide" in their name or email.
  • Select a portal admin and click the User Details icon  to view details about the selected portal admin. In addition to the information provided by the Portal Admins table, the User details panel displays the admin groups with which the admin is associated. You can expand or collapse the Admin Groups list by clicking Admin Groups in the panel.
  • Use the filter icon  to add and apply filters to the Portal Admins table. Click the icon to expand a filter panel above the table.

To apply a filter, complete the following:

  1. Click the + button to add a filter.
  2. Select the column name to which you want to apply the filter.
  3. Type the filter value in the blank field next to the column name, and then press Enter. The SSO Portal displays results that contain the filter value. For example, if your filter value is "basic" for the filter column "Name," the SSO Portal displays only the users that contain "basic" in their names.

If you want to delete a filter from a column, click x next to the filter value. If you want to delete all filters for a column, click the encircled x to the right of the blank field.

You can also perform the following on this page to configure portal admins:

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