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DNS resource records provide information about objects and hosts. DNS servers use these records to respond to queries for hosts and objects.

You can perform the following actions:

The following table describes the DNS record sources in BloxOne DDI, including combined sources.

Record SourceDescriptionRecord Types
StaticRecord created manually in UI or by an API call.All record types except SOA.
DynamicRecord created automatically by a dynamic DNS update.All record types except SOA.
SystemRecord created automatically upon name server assignment or zone creation event.A, PTR, NS, SOA.
Static, SystemA case when a record was created manually, and then, at some point, the zone was assigned to a name server, which resulted in the creation of a System record. A, PTR, NS, SOA.
Dynamic, SystemRecord created through a dynamic DNS update, after which the zone was assigned to a name server and corresponding System record was created.A, PTR, NS, SOA.

You can see those in the Record Source column of the Resource Records Viewer for a specific zone.

Updates to a Static, Dynamic, or System record over API or dynamic DNS do not change the initial record source.

System and combined records have some limitations that include:

  • You cannot enable or disable System records.
  • You cannot delete System records.
  • You cannot modify the record data (RDATA).

For more information about Dynamic DNS Updates, see Updates and Enabling DDNS for IPv4 Clients.

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