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You can define basic DHCP options that the DHCP server uses to provide configuration information to DHCP clients. The server includes these options in its DHCP messages.

To create an option space:

  1. From the Cloud Services Portal, click Manage -> IPAM/DHCP -> Option Spaces -> Create Option Space.

  2. On the Create Option Space page, specify the following:

    • Name: Enter a name for the option space.
    • Description: Enter additional information about the option space. 
    • OPTIONS CODE: Click Add to associate option codes with the option space or click Remove to delete the entry. Complete the following to associate option codes:
      • Code: Select an option code from the drop-down list. You must select the client option code to match and you can select a value from 0 to 255. Select a number between 126 and 254 if you are adding custom options to the DHCP option space. If you are adding custom options to an IPv4 option space you configured, you can enter a number between 1 and 254.
      • Type: Select a type from the drop-down list. You can select the option type (such as ip-address, text, boolean, and string). For example, to create an option that defines the IP addresses of a server, enter the name of the server, select option code 126, and then select the type as ip-address.
      • Name: Enter a value for the type.
      • User Entry: Select the check box Accept multiple values for an array.
      • Description: Specify a description for the Option Code. 
  3. Click Save & Close to save the details or click Cancel to exit.
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