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After you have successfully deployed BloxOne DDI on an on-prem host, you can start configuring global DNS properties and DNS configuration profiles to enable the DNS service on the host. The BloxOne DNS server resolves host names to IP addresses and supports 500 queries per second. 

In addition, BloxOne DDI supports the following:

  • Primary authoritative DNS
  • Secondary authoritative DNS
  • DNS server groups
  • Access Control List (ACL) templates
  • Recursion
  • Forwarding

With the BloxOne Threat Defense license, you can also configure DNS forwarding proxy on the same on-prem host that is running BloxOne DDI DNS. For more information, see Configuring DNS Forwarding Proxy and BloxOne DDI DNS.

Use the following checklist to configure DNS on BloxOne DDI:

You can configure multiple hosts in the application. Note that the deployment and service management are common functions. For more information, refer to the Installation Guide for BloxOne B1-105 Appliance.

The DNS page on the Cloud Services Portal displays the following tabs:

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