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To enable the NIOS Grid Connector service, complete the following:

  1. From the Cloud Services Portal, click Manage -> On-Prem Hosts.

  2. On the On-Prem Host page, select the on-prem where the Host Name is NIOS and configure the following:

    • NAME: The name of the on-prem host.
    • DESCRIPTION: Enter additional information about the on-prem host.
    • TAGS: Click Add to associate keys with the on-prem host and specify the following:
      • KEY: Enter a meaningful name for the key, such as a location or a department.  

      • VALUE: Enter a value for the key. Select the respective check box and click Remove to delete the associated key. For information about tags, see Managing Tags.

    • Applications & Services: Click Add to associate licenses and services with the on-prem host or click Remove to delete the entry.

      • SERVICES: Toggle NIOS Grid Connector to Enabled.
  3. Click Save & Close to save the details or click Cancel to exit.

After successfully enabling the NIOS Grid Connector service, the NIOS data is visible in BloxOne DDI. After the NIOS objects are imported, they are identified by the  icon, which shows that these objects are managed by NIOS. 


Ensure the Grid name is unique across an account before enabling the NIOS Grid Connector. 

If you do not want to view NIOS data in BloxOne DDI, you can remove it by disabling the NIOS Grid Connector. 

NIOS Tags updated in Cloud Services Portal

When NIOS is connected to the Cloud Services Portal, the following tags are automatically populated to easily identify the on-prem host that belongs to a particular Grid and the objects imported from NIOS:

Tag NameDescriptionApplicable to
nios/grid_nameGrid nameGrid name on NIOS.
nios/importedObjectsObjects imported from NIOS.
nios_ea/ea_nameExtensible AttributesExtensible Attributes can be imported for DNS View, Zone, Records, IP Space, Address Block, Subnet, Range, Fixed Address, IPv4 Reservation, for full and incremental snapshot. Extensible Attributes can be imported for Option Filter, Hardware Filter, and Server only for the full snapshot. For more information about Extensible Attributes in NIOS, see Managing Extensible Attributes
host/grid_nameGrid nameGrid name on NIOS.
host/host_nameHost nameHost name on NIOS.
host/license_uidLicense UIDLicense UID used on NIOS.
host/nios_roleRole of NIOS memberHost management only allows the NIOS Grid Connector service to be enabled on the Grid Master, Grid Master Candidate, and standalone appliance. 

The imported tags cannot be edited, but they can be filtered in the Cloud Services Portal. The tag definitions imported from the NIOS Grid will not be displayed in the Tag Management page.

DNS Objects imported from NIOS

Only the following DNS objects can be imported from NIOS:

  • DNS Config:
    • DNS View
    • Authoritative Zone
    • Forward Zone
  • Resource Records:
    • AAAA
    • PTR
    • SOA
    • NS
    • MX

IPAM Objects imported from NIOS

Only the following IPAM objects can be imported from NIOS:

  • IP Space
  • Address Block
  • Subnet
  • Range
  • Address
  • FixedAddress
  • IPAM Host
  • Tags
  • Option Spaces
  • Option Code
  • Option Filters
  • Hardware Filters
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