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In addition to the Cloud Services Portal and Device UI, you can configure a physical on-prem host and connect it to BloxOne Cloud through a USB drive. You must first download the on-prem host configuration template from the Cloud Services Portal, make changes, save it on a USB drive, and then insert it into the physical on-prem appliance. Once the appliance detects the configuration file, it automatically starts the process and connects the on-prem host to BloxOne Cloud based on the configuration on the USB drive. This method is useful if your physical on-prem appliance is offline and you want to reconnect it to BloxOne Cloud.

To configure an on-prem host and connect it to BloxOne Cloud using a USB drive, complete the following:

  1. From the Cloud Services Portal, click Administration -> Downloads.

  2. Select On-Prem Host Configuration Template, and click Host Configuration Template to download the template. 

    • Open the downloaded template and make appropriate changes to it. For example, if you want to change the name server IP address, add that to the template. The following is an example:
        "network": {
          "name": "enp1s0",  
          "nameServers": [""],
          "ipv4": {
            "type": "static",
            "ip": "",
            "netmask": "",
            "gateway": "",
            "mtu": "1500"
      "ipv6": {
         "type": "",
         "ip": "",
         "cidr": "",
         "gateway": "",
         "mtu": ""
        "disablepmtud": ""
      "httpProxy": "",
      "timeSettings": {
         "mode": "ntp",
         "servers": [],
         "pools": []
      "docker": {
         "bip": ""
      "k3s_network": {
         "cluster_cidr": "",
         "service_cidr": ""


      You must set the time setting mode to "ntp" for the configuration to take effect. Leaving the time setting mode empty will cause the configuration to fail.
  3. Save the modified template on a USB drive.
  4. Insert the USB drive into the physical on-prem appliance you want to configure and connect to BloxOne Cloud.
  5. When the appliance detects the configuration file, it compares the existing configuration with that in the file on the USB drive, and starts the configuration process based on the new information.
  6. The on-prem host will restart when the process is complete. 
  7. The on-prem host is connected to BloxOne Cloud when it is up and running.


    Once the on-prem host is connected to BloxOne Cloud, remove the USB drive from the appliance to avoid losing further configuration changes you make to the on-prem host.


If the new configuration is invalid, BloxOne service will revert back to the previous or default configuration after a few minutes. For example, if you made a typo while changing the IP address of an interface, the IP address becomes invalid and BloxOne service reverts to the previous or default IP address to ensure that the on-prem host is still operational. This validation process happens in the background and does not affect any operations on your on-prem host.

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