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You can verify if the data that is transferred from the Data Connector has reached the McAfee ESM destination in real-time. To verify, log in to the McAfee ESM Console and click the View Streaming Events icon  in the actions toolbar. Click Start to begin streaming. The list of events that are transferred through the Data Connector are displayed as they reach the McAfee ESM destination.


Ensure that you allow Flash Player on your browser to open the configuration page  on the McAfee ESM menu.

Configuring the McAfee ESM Console to Receive Data

To configure McAfee ESM destination to receive data from the Data Connector device, complete the following:

  1. Log in to the McAfee ESM console.

  2. Select Configuration from the top-left menu, click McAfee Event Receiver -> Selected Event Receiver.
  3. Click the Add Data Source icon.

    Ensure that you specify the following in the Add Data Source screen:
    1. Data Source Vendor: Select Infoblox from the drop-down list.
    2. Data Source Model: This is set to NIOS by default when you select Infoblox as the data source vendor.
    3. Data Format: Select CEF from the drop-down list. Infoblox supports CEF log format for McAfee ESM.
    4. Data Retrieval: Select SYSLOG (Default) from the drop-down list.
    5. Name: Enter a name for the data source.
    6. IP Address: Enter the same IP address that was mentioned while configuring destination in the Data Connector.
    7. Require Syslog TLS: Select the check box to use TLS encryption protocol for syslog.
    8. Port: Select a port from the drop-down list. You must choose the same port number that was mentioned while configuring the destination in Data Connector.
  4. Click OK.

For more information, refer to the McAfee ESM documentation.

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