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This report shows which DHCP clients are issuing the most requests over time. This can be very useful in identifying misbehaving clients that are sending too many DHCP requests.

  • To filter the report by DHCP server or duration, choose the applicable objects from the Show drop-down menus located below the top action menu:
    • DHCP Server: Select All DHCP Servers, or one or more specific DHCP servers to view the respective data. 
    • Duration: Select the time period. 
  • To filter the report by fields, click and choose the field.
  • To search for a particular entry, enter the keyword in the Search field. 
  • To export the report in CSV format, click Export

The following fields are shown in the table:

  • TIMESTAMP: Shows the timestamp of the lease.
  • CLIENT DNS NAME: Shows the DNS name of the client.
  • MAC ADDRESS: Shows the MAC address of the client. 
  • DHCP FINGERPRINT: Shows the DHCP fingerprint.
  • IP ADDRESS: Shows the IP address for the lease.
  • DHCP SERVER NAME: Shows the name of the DHCP server.
  • DHCP SERVER IP: Shows IP address of the DHCP server.
  • DHCP RANGE: Shows the DHCP range. 
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