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The following table shows the available attributes with sample values:

AttributeSample values showing sytaxMandatoryDescription
HEADER-optionspacesoptionspacesYesThe header for option spaces.
data.items.apiVersion``YesThe API version used to process data. Specify the value exactly as shown in the sample. 
data.items.kind`OptionSpace`YesThe value for option space is `OptionSpace`.
data.items.mergeOptions.key`key`YesThe value is 'key' by default and no other value can be used.
data.items.metadata.creationTimestampnullNoFor internal use.`Eduardo`YesSpecify a name of the option space. 
data.items.metadata.namespace`default`YesThe namespace as required or leave it as 'default'.
data.items.metadata.resourceVersion`1634134078570775000`NoThis is an option field. 
data.items.metadata.selfLink`/apis/`YesThis field tells BloxOne how to interpret the data while importing each entry. Specify the selfLink in the format `/apis/`.
data.items.spec.key`Eduardo`YesSpecify a name of the option space. 
data.items.spec.optionSpace.commentThis option space includes vendor-specific options. NoSpecify a comment. 
data.items.spec.optionSpace.created_at.nanos570775000NoSpecify when the object must be created (in nanoseconds).
data.items.spec.optionSpace.created_at.seconds1634134078NoSpecify when the object must be created (in seconds).`dhcp/option_space/08772184-68b1-4d21-987a-ff0fc53f54bd`NoThis is a read-only field. The resource identifier. The value for this field is automatically populated by BloxOne.`Eduardo`Yes

The name of the option space. Must contain 1 to 256 characters. Can include UTF-8.

data.items.spec.optionSpace.protocol`ip4`NoThis is a read-only field. The type of protocol for the option space (ipv4 or ipv6). The value for this field is automatically populated by BloxOne. 
data.items.spec.optionSpace.updated_at.nanos570775000NoSpecify when the object must be updated (in nanoseconds).
data.items.spec.optionSpace.updated_at.seconds1634134078NoSpecify when the object must be updated (in seconds).
data.items.status{}NoFor internal use. This field can be left blank.

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