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Dossier (Legacy) Search

The Dossier (Legacy) search field accepts the following input types: domains, hostnames, IPs, URLs, SHA1 and SHA256 hashes, and email addresses. Not all features/data providers support all data types, e.g. Alexa supports only hostnames and domains, for example.

Dossier (Legacy) automatically detects the type of the data in a search field and performs only relevant searches. With Dossier, it is possible to enter domains in this format “example[.]com”. The “Features” sidebar provides the ability to select or deselect any of the listed features by checking the appropriate checkbox.

By hovering over the “i” icon on any of the Dossier (Legacy) search fields, a brief description of the feature can be viewed. A brief description of Dossier’s features is available by hovering over the “i” icon in the feature’s search field.

Dossier (Legacy) search is available via the web-interface and a REST API. The portal uses the same API so there is no difference in available filters and search results between Web and API Searches.

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