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User Settings and Metric Reports

Metric Reports

Subscriptions include a limited number of Dossier (Legacy) and partners’ searches. Statistics per user, organization, partners, and dossier transactions are provided in “Metric Reports”. The menu is available only to an organization’s administrators.

User Settings

On the User Management page, you can change your password and manage API Keys. The passwords must satisfy the requirements described on the Change Password page.

API keys are required to access Dossier (Legacy) via REST API. A user can create multiple API keys. There are not any specific permissions related to a key. Only the key name and description can be changed. A key may be created, activated, edited, or deactivated. In order to copy the API key, do the following:

●  Click on the API key. An information window will appear displaying the message: “Copying the key to the clipboard was successful”.

●  Edit the API key.

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