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Steps for enrolling BloxOne Mobile app

  1. You will receive an email from AirWatch ( with your log-on credentials and the server name for Mobile Intelligent Hub Application.
  2. The BloxOne app will be installed on your device using MDM application, Intelligent Hub.
  3. Install Intelligent Hub on your phone. The Intelligent Hub app is available for your device from the Play/App store.  
  4. Open the Intelligent Hub app and provide your email address.
  5. Enter your username and password when prompted. Then, tap Next. You can change the password using the email you received in Step1, above.

6. Set up your profile by tapping Download profile. A browser window will open and a profile will get downloaded to your device. 

    For iOS, perform the following:
       a. On the Settings screen navigate to settings and click on the downloaded profile.
       b. Install the profile on your device 
( View Profile -> Install -> Enter passcode -> Install).
       c. Once profile is installed, the mobile device is enrolled in the MDM.

            For Android, perform the following:
               a. On the Settings screen navigate to settings and click on the downloaded profile.
               b. Install the profile on your device ( View Profile -> Install -> Enter passcode -> Install).
               c. Create a work profile by tapping Create. Proceed with the console.
               d. A work profile is created with a set of applications once the connection with MDM is established.

Assignment group

An assignment group must be created so that devices can be grouped together. 

Steps to create an assignment group

  1. Navigate to Groups & Settings => Groups =>Assignment Groups.


2. On the Create New Smart Group screen provide a device name to create a new smart group.

3. Tap Devices or Users.

4. Tap on the text box under Devices. Select the device you want to assign.  Tap ADD to add the device to your configuration.  Repeat the process to add additional devices to your configuration. 

4. Tap Save to save your configuration. 

Install an Application


  1. The mobile device is registered with MDM.
  2. An assignment group has previously been created.

Steps to create a new app(IOS)

  1. Navigate to Apps and Books -> Native -> Private.
  2. Tap Application File.

        3. Upload the provided application file (.ipa). Tap Next.  click on next.
4. Tap Save and Assign. a new window will open. To create a new app (Apple), carry out the following steps 6 though 10 listed below.

Steps to create a new app (Android) 

  1.  Navigate to Apps and Books -> Native -> Public


3. Select platform and provide the name of the application to be installed.  Tap Next. 

4. Select “Private apps” from the app store window.

5. Tap on the Plus symbol to upload the provided application file (.apk). Tap Next

6. A wizard will open, guiding you through the set-up process.  On the Add Application screen, enter the assignment name and select the assignment of choice from the Assignment text/drop down menu.

7. On the Distribution screen, you will see options for restrictions. For example, if the user should not be able to uninstall the application, then these options can be enabled. Tap Create. Select any options and tap Create again.

8. Apply the app configuration located under the Application Configuration tab.

9. The window will display a list of devices to which the application has been installed.
Tap Publish.

Steps to install an existing application 

If the application is already being used by some users, and we want to add that application to our device please follow the steps below.


  1. Mobile device registered with MDM
  2. Assignment group created


  1. Navigate to Apps and Books -> Native -> Public (tab)
  2. Click on edit icon of the application of choice.
  3. Click on “Save & Assign”.A wizard opens up for assignment.
  4. Click on Add assignment
  5.  Enter Assignment name and select the assignment of choice from Assignment text/drop down menu.
  6. Select the options as per requirement and click save and publish.

For information on deploying Workspace One for BloxOne Mobile Endpoint, see Deploying Workspace One.

For additional information on BloxOne Mobile Endpoint and MDM management, see the following:


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