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You can import a list of domains by uploading a CSV file. Ensure that you use domain as the header in the CSV file.

To import a CSV file, complete the following:

  1. On the Custom Lists page, click Import at the top Action bar.
  2. To import a new list, select the Import New List radial button.
  3. In the Import Custom List dialog, complete the following:
  4. You can either drag the CSV file into the “Drag file here” space or click Select file and navigate to the file to upload it. Note that you must include the required field domain in the header of the file to ensure a successful import. 
  5. Click Import to import the file.

To apply customer-defined threat levels to your custom list, see Customer-Defined Threat Level and Confidence Score for Custom and Threat Insight Lists.

To view information on custom lists, see the following:

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