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Infoblox Mobile Endpoint supports the Chrome operating system; however on a device running the Chrome operating system apps run as extensions. To use Endpoint Endpoint management, the app must be downloaded and installed from the Chrome store. In order for BloxOne Endpoint to provide protection to a device running the Chrome operating system, the BloxOne Endpoint extension must be running at all times, and not be disabled on the device. The user of the device is prohibited from disabling the extension on the device.

The device user will be able to see the installed app on the device but will be unable to view the extension. The ability to download,  install, and uninstall the app on a device running the Chrome operating system is limited to only system administrators.

To view device logs, navigate to the Reports page in the Cloud Services Portal (Reports > DNS Activity). 

For additional information on installing and using BloxOne Mobile Endpoint, see the following:

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