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Threat Insight performs analytics to detect malicious activities based on DDI data from your on-premises Grid (when the Grid is running NIOS 7.3 or later). You must configure the Infoblox Data Connector to transport the data from your on-premises Grid to BloxOne Threat Defense Cloud. If your Grid is running NIOS 8.2.x, you can also configure the on-premises Grid to pull detected malicious domains from Threat insight so you can block applicable traffic using the on-premises DNS firewall configuration. For more information on Threat Insight, see About Infoblox Threat Insight.

Threat Insight Whitelists

For Threat Insight running on an On-Prem Infoblox DDI appliances, internal governance and vetting applied by Infoblox ensures all whitelist entries are accurate and curated, and contain only valid entries. For more information, see About Infoblox Threat Insight.

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