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To view the details of a specific custom list, select the custom list from among the available custom lists. In the Details panel located in the right-hand column of the Custom Lists page, you can view the details of the selected custom list.


In a particular scenario when adding the same domain to two custom lists, the threat look-up result will not be accurate.

Scenario:  When the same domain populates two custom lists (custom1 and custom2, for example), and a hit is triggered for the domain belonging to both lists, the hit will be displayed in the threat property column of only one of the lists (custom1, in this case). Deleting the list where the domain is displayed results in the domain retaining custom1 as its threat property. This occurs because the data does not change retroactively. Therefore, the domain continues to display custom1 as its threat property.

Work-around: After the list displaying the domain’s threat property is deleted (custom1, in this scenario), perform another threat look-up on the domain. This time, the domain’s threat property will be updated to reflect the one remaining list (custom2, in this case).

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