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To view the Custom Lookalike Monitoring activity page, do the following:

  • Log in to the Cloud Services Portal.
  • From the Cloud Services Portal, click Reports  -> Lookalike Domains.  
  • On the Activity page, the following information can be viewed:
    • DETECTED: The date and time of detection for the lookalike domain. 
    • WATCHED DOMAIN:  The domain added to the organization's lookalike domain watch list. This is the legitimate domain which a  list of potential lookalike domains is compared against. 
    • LOOKALIKE: The name of the lookalike domain or lookalike host attempting to mimic the legitimate domain or host as reported by the organization and added to the watch list. Clicking on a listed lookalike domain or lookalike host will direct you to Dossier. On the Dossier report page, you can verify if a the lookalike domain or host is associated with any known malicious activity. 
    • EXPLANATION: An added explanation by the organization at the time a legitimate domain is added to the watch list.

Show:  You can view records based on time reported. Viewing options include Last 24 hours, Last 7 days, or Last 30 days. By selecting a viewing option, only events occurring within the selected time frame will be displayed on the page. 

You can also do the following in this tab:

  • Click to select the columns you want to display or use the arrow keys to reorder the columns.

  • Enter the value that you want to search in the Search text box. The Cloud Services Portal displays the list of records that match the keyword in the text box.
  • Click  and then to filter data by the available values.

  • Click Export to download a CSV file containing a list of watched domains, lookalike domains, lookalike hosts, and comments from the Activity page.
  • Click Add to custom list to add a lookalike domain to a custom list.

For additional information on monitoring lookalike domains, see the following:

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