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Infoblox has made every attempt to adhere to the guidelines for use and contribution to the open source community. Please report back to Infoblox any suspected violations of the copyrights, use of open source contributions via the distribution of binaries and/or source from Infoblox. It is the intent of Infoblox to comply with the open source rules of use, and comply with the various copyrights found in the distribution of the products from Infoblox. 

This appendix contains the copyright notices for the binary-only distribution from Infoblox. Source changes are contributed back to the open source community when the copyright holder states this is desired. As stated by the enclosed copyrights, a copy of open source files used in our binary-only distribution is available from Infoblox. There is a nominal cost to obtain a CD containing the source files, to cover our costs of duplication and distribution. To obtain a copy of the source, contact us via e-mail at, or call us at 1.408.625.4200. The sections in this appendix include: