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The module must be opaque within the visible spectrum and have tamper evident labels for doors or removable covers in order to be compliant with FIPS 140-2 Security Level 2 requirements. Infoblox provides tamper evident labels (TELs) which you must install on the appliance to operate in the FIPS approved mode.The Crypto Officer is responsible for inspecting the TELs regularly for signs of tamper, and should contact Infoblox customer support if any signs of tamper are found.

Note that the SKU is IB-FIPS and includes 9 labels for each SKU order. The FIPS label is as shown below:

For more information about how to install FIPS label on the following appliances, refer to the respective installation guide: TE-825, TE-1425, TE-2225, TE-4015, and TE-4025.

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