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The table comprising most of this document provides a number of data columns of support information for each listed device. Explanations for values are the following:

Table 1 Device Support List Data Fields

Device Data ColumnExplanation
VendorThe manufacturer of the device.
ModelThe manufacturer's model name and number of the device.
Device TypeThe type of networking device, categorized by NetMRI or Network Insight ("Switch," "Switch-Router," "Router," "Firewall," and so on).
OS/FirmwareThis field lists the OS/Firmware Versions that have been Verified based on the Device Model and Version support levels described above. If the field is blank, no specific versions have been verified, and the device model, family, or series must be treated as Best Effort as described above.
CapabilitiesProvides three key sets of data for each listed device:
SNMP: Successful collection of most inventory and discovery-related information. Not all SNMP data types are supported on all devices;
PortControl: A "Y" in this column indicates that the Infoblox product supports this device for VLAN assignment, setting a port to administratively Up/Down, and defining an interface Description. In cases where the device does not allow all three settings to be changed, the record for that device indicates the allowed settings in this field.
Config Management (NetMRI only): This column indicates the protocols that NetMRI can use to collect the device configuration. The possible supported protocols are SSH, Telnet, and HTTP. In cases where the device allows or supports only specific protocols for data collection, the record for that device indicates it in this field.
ProductIndicates whether the listed device is supported by NetMRI, Network Insight, or both platforms. Devices supported by the NetMRI product line are supported by both NetMRI and by Automation Change Manager (ACM).

Global items include:

  • An "N" in any column indicates that NetMRI/Network Insight does not yet directly support a given feature, conferring the status of "Not Supported." In some cases, the feature may not be supportable due to limitations in device capabilities or device-reported data.
  • An "N/A" in any column indicates a particular feature does not apply to the device type (for example, L3 data collection is not applicable to devices of type "Switch," and port control functions apply only to switches and switch-routers.)
  • A "Not Supportable" entry in the Capabilities column indicates a particular feature cannot be executed with the device due to adherence to non-standard methods or models that do not enable NetMRI to operate with that device feature, and is hence 'not supportable.' This value differs from "Not Supported" (N) described above.

If a product family or model you are interested in is not listed in this document, please contact Infoblox Technical Support for further information.

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