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Infoblox NetMRI and Network Insight products support many discovery and management features, some of which are not supported on all devices. In some cases this is due to limitations in the managed device. In some cases, Infoblox added device support prior to the feature being developed.
The Device Support Table lists the fundamental feature support levels; in each case some detailed sub-features may not be supported for a specific device. In such cases, we indicate "Not Supported" status with an N in a category under the Capabilities column in the Device Support table. As an example, the Configuration Collection capability may not have been implemented due to the requesting customer not requiring support beyond SNMP identification of the device; the record for a specific device will list an N in that field. Infoblox software will also indicate specific data collection support for each managed infrastructure device. For example, certain SNMP data types may not be collected from a given device. In some additional cases, the specific feature may not be supportable due to limitations in vendor implementation or support of standard data collection or device interaction methods; the record for those sub-features is indicated with a "Not Supportable" label.

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