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This guide describes how to configure and manage NetMRI appliances using Release 7.3.2. For updated documentation, visit our Support site at the following location:

Documentation Conventions

The text in this guide follows the following style conventions.




  • Indicates anything that you input in the user interface, by clicking, choosing, selecting, typing, or by pressing on the keyboard.
  • Indicates field names in the user interface.
  • Indicates variable and argument names in SNMP, Perl, and other languages.


  • Signifies command line entries that you type, contents of text files, and operating system screen text.


  • Signifies variables typed into the user interface that you need to modify specifically for your configuration. These can be command line variables, file names, and keyboard characters.
  • Indicates the names of the wizards, editors, and dialog boxes in Grid Manager, such as the Add Network wizard or the DHCP Network editor.


Infoblox technical documentation uses an arrow " –> " to represent navigation through the user interface. For example, to edit a fixed address, the description is as follows:

From the Data Management tab, select the DHCP tab –> Networks tab –> Networks –> network –> fixed_address check box, and then click the Edit icon.