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The Device Support table lists the specifically verified hardware model and OS/Firmware versions and these are classified as Verified. Infoblox confirms support for these versions by testing against the make and model of a device that is listed in this document. For devices that have not been verified against a specific OS/Firmware or if the device was developed towards a specific OS/Firmware but never validated, then it is classified as Best Effort. If a Best Effort device shows a limitation or deviation in device support, a support ticket should be submitted to Infoblox for troubleshooting.

As part of the verification process, simulations are created based on the data gathered from the device when it was verified. This data is used in automated testing from release to release. As the Infoblox feature set changes, some devices are verified prior to Infoblox collecting data and testing for later features (e.g. a device that was verified against NetMRI 6.2 may never have been verified for Port Control). In some cases, a device running in an alternative mode or configuration may create a limitation or deviation in device support. For example, a device may have been verified while running as a switch, but may also run in a switch-router mode that is not verified. In such cases, a support ticket should be submitted to Infoblox to troubleshoot the issue. If you observe limitations in device support for a specific instance, configuration, or version of the device model or family; we recommend submitting a device support request RFE to have the different version supported and verified. If you have a device that is on this list that is working, but has not been verified, Infoblox welcomes your input to allow data collection from the device, to verify it, and to add it to the Infoblox testing environment.