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The following predefined aggregate views are available in the Topology Viewer:

  • Aggregate: shows L2 network devices and their respective connections, in aggregate or a choice from several individual layer 2 link types. The Aggregate view is the default one. It is loaded first when you open the Topology Viewer. You can change which view to load first in the Topology Viewer settings. For information, see Other Properties.
  • Link Discovery Protocols: shows L2 devices using Link Layer Discovery Protocol (LLDP) or Cisco Discovery Protocol (CDP), and their interconnections.
  • Serial Links: shows L2 devices connected by serial links.
  • Switch Forwarding: shows L2 devices using switch forwarding.

To display an aggregate network topology, select the required view in the views list:

In addition to the predefined aggregate views, you can save custom views. You cannot save predefined views, unlike custom ones. For information, see Saving and Deleting Custom Views.