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This section addresses user accounts, software upgrades, licenses and warranties, and technical support.

User Accounts

The Infoblox appliance ships with a default user name and password. Change the default admin account password immediately after the system is installed to safeguard its use. Make sure that the NetMRI appliance has at least one administrator account with superuser privileges at all times, and keep a record of your account information in a safe place. If you lose the admin account password, and did not already create another superuser account, the system will need to be reset to factory defaults, causing you to lose all existing data on the NIOS appliance. You can create new administrator accounts, with or without superuser privileges. For more information, see the Creating Admin and User Accounts section of this Guide.

Software Upgrades

Software upgrades are available according to the Terms of Sale for your system. Infoblox notifies you when an upgrade is available. Register immediately with Infoblox Technical Support at to fully utilize your Technical Support.

Technical Support

Infoblox Technical Support provides assistance via the Web, e-mail, and telephone. The Infoblox Support web site at provides access to product documentation and release notes, but requires the user ID and password you receive when you register your product online at: