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You can view the following device data in the Topology Viewer:

  • To view basic data about a device, hover the mouse over the device.
  • To view detailed data about a device, click the device. The Device Viewer opens.
  • To view basic data about the link between two devices, hover over the link.
  • To generate a new graph with a device as the starting point, right-click the device and select L2 nHop, L3 nHop, L2/L3 Most Likely Path, or L3 Most Likely Path.

Right-clicking on a node provides additional options for viewing and managing the node. From this menu, you can open various node pages for quick access to specific settings. See the following options:

  • Device Viewer: Opens the NetMRI device viewer page.
  • Config Explorer: Opens the Configuration Explorer page for the device.
  • View Running Config: Opens the current running configuration for the device.
  • Changes: Shows any changes made to the device.
  • Issues list: Displays all issues found with the device.
  • Policy Compliance: Displays the status of any policies on the device.
  • Schedule Job: Opens the job scheduling tool.
  • Execute Command: Opens the script execution page within NetMRI.
  • Show End Hosts: Displays or hides the end hosts.
  • Show Edge Devices: Shows edge devices in a separate window. You can add edge devices to the graph from this window and save the edge devices view. For more information, see the Sync Threshold for Large Graphs property in Topology Synchronization Properties.
  • L2 nHop: Highlights all nodes within a set amount of hops. These nodes are highlighted in red, with their edges highlighted in dashed red lines.
  • L3 nHop: Displays the L3 nHop Network Topology map in a separate window.
  • L2/L3 Most Likely Path: Displays the L2/L3 Most Likely Path Network Topology map in a separate window.
  • L3 Most Likely Path: Displays the L3 Most Likely Path Network Topology map in a separate window.
  • Edit: Allows you to edit node properties. It is only available for custom nodes.
  • Edit label: When you right-click on an edge and select the Edit label command, this allows you to edit the IF label of the edge.


Graph choices depend on what can be viewed from the selected device.