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To set up your Infoblox Grid to work with the Infoblox IPAM driver for OpenStack Neutron, perform the steps described in this section.


To get a holistic view of your cloud network environment through the NIOS management system — the Infoblox Grid Manager, enable the Cloud Network Automation license in Grid Manager. This allows you to manage all the DNS, DHCP, and IPAM (DDI) information organized by tenant, network, and virtual machine for cloud objects on the Cloud tab in Infoblox Grid Manager. For more information, see Infoblox NIOS Documentation.

Complete the following:

  1. Create a non-administrative Infoblox user (if required) and optionally, a group, as described in Configuring a User.
  2. Create Extensible Attribute (EA) definitions and associate network views with OpenStack, as described in Creating Extensible Attribute Definitions and Network View Associations.
  3. Set the EAs to values representing the desired behavior, as described in Setting EA values to Configure the Integration.
  4. Identify the Grid members for serving OpenStack. For more information, see the Identifying Members to Use.
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