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When you make a change in NIOS to the EAs that represent the Driver configuration, the change must be synchronized to the Driver's local storage. On the Grid Master object, the following EAs define Grid synchronization settings:

  • Grid Sync Support: This EA is used to enable synchronization of Grid configuration from Infoblox NIOS. The default is True.
  • Grid Sync Minimum Wait Time: This EA is used to define the minimum wait time, in seconds, before synchronization is allowed to take place. The default is 60 seconds.
  • Grid Sync Maximum Wait Time: This EA is used to define the maximum wait time, in seconds, between synchronizations. The default is 300 seconds.
  • Report Grid Sync Time: This EA is used to allow reporting of Grid synchronization time. The default is False. If this is set to True, the Last Grid Sync Time EA is used to store last Grid sync time. The infoblox-ipam-agent updates the Grid synchronization time. It is important to note that setting this EA to True requires a WRITE permission on the Grid member.
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