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This includes the following options:

NS Group: Name of the Name Server Group that is used for serving DNS for all DNS zones. The default is None, in which case DNS service members are selected based on mapping conditions.
Network Template: Name of the Template to use when a network is created. A Template contains predefined network settings. The default is None.
Admin Network Deletion: Specifies whether to delete an object from Infoblox when an Admin Network is deleted from OpenStack. A network that is specified as “external” and/or “shared” is considered an Admin Network. The default is False.
Relay Support: Specifies whether a Relay is used. If set to False, then the DNS Servers option is set to the DNS Member that the IPAM Driver assigns. If True, the DNS Servers option is set to the same IP as DHCP Port for the subnet. However, if the user specifies the Nameservers option when the OpenStack subnet is created, then only the user provided nameservers would be used for the DNS Servers option, irrespective of the Relay Support flag.

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