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The Infoblox Cloud Network Automation solution automates IPAM (IP address management) for physical and virtual network devices on your CMP (whether it is private, public, or hybrid). Instead of manually provisioning IP addresses and DNS name spaces for network devices and interfaces, you can use Cloud Network Automation to leverage DNS and DHCP features of the Grid to manage your cloud networks. When your cloud consists of a large number of servers and VMs (virtual machines) that have multiple associated network interfaces, manually provisioning and de-provisioning IP addresses and managing DNS and DHCP data can become error-prone. Utilizing Cloud Network Automation can minimize human errors by streamlining IPAM, improve visibility of your cloud networks, and maximize the flexibility and efficiency that virtualization offers in your cloud environment.
To maximize the capability of Cloud Network Automation, ensure that you understand the operations of Cloud Network Automation and how to deploy necessary components to suit your network topology and CMP. For detailed information about the Cloud Network Automation operations, see Cloud Network Automation.

With valid licenses installed, you can configure Cloud Platform Appliances in your Grid to provide DNS and DHCP services for virtual machines and network devices deployed through a CMP (Cloud Management Platform). To deploy a Grid that contains cloud members, it is important to understand the required components, how to configure the members to enable Cloud Network Automation, and which cloud API objects are supported.

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