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This section lists requirements for the management system you use to access the NIOS appliance. The management system is the computer from which you configure and manage the NIOS appliance. The management system must meet the following requirements.

Hardware Requirements

  • (Minimum) 1.4 GHz CPU with 1 GB RAM available to the product GUI, and 256 Kbps connectivity to NIOS appliance
  • (Recommended) 2.0 GHz (or higher) dual core CPU with 2 GB RAM 
  • Monitor Resolution:
    • 1280 x 768 (minimum)
    • 1280 x 1024 or better (recommended)

Software Requirements

For CLI access:

  • Secure Socket Shell (SSH) client that supports SSHv2
  • Terminal emulation program, such as minicom or Hilgraeve Hyperterminal®

For Grid Manager:

  • JavaScript
  • SSL version 3
  • TLS version 1 connection

Supported Browsers

For information about supported browsers, see the NIOS 8.6 Release Notes on the Infoblox Support Site.

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