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The Infoblox NIOS CLI (Command Line Interface) allows you to configure and monitor the appliance from a remote console using a set of commands. Some administrative tasks, such as resetting the appliance, can be done only through the CLI. CLI commands do not support IDNs. These commands display IDN data in punycode only. For more information about IDN, see Multilingual Support.

This section explains the CLI commands that you can use to configure and manage the NIOS appliance from a remote terminal. For the latest Infoblox documentation, visit the Infoblox Support web site at

OverviewExplains how to access the Infoblox CLI using a console port or SSHv2 client. This topic also describes the CLI conventions and outlines the basic CLI commands.
CLI CommandsExplains the function and usage of each command, and provides an example of the command usage and expected results.


The conventions used in this section follow the Infoblox documentation style conventions, as listed in the following table.

screenIndicates session text or system information displayed on the screen
boldface screenSignifies command line entries that you type.
italic screenSignifies variables that you enter for your configuration, such as file names and group names.

CLI syntax uses conventions that are unique to documenting command line tools. The following table provides a list of syntax delimiters and their meanings.

{ } bracketsIndicates a mandatory feature.
[ ] bracketsIndicates an optional feature.
| pipe symbolIndicates an “or” relationship between two features.


Infoblox uses the following variables to represent the values of the configurations that exist on your appliance. You should substitute the variables with the actual values that match your site configuration.



admin_groupName of a group of administrators
admin_nameName of the appliance administrator
addr_rangeIP address range
domain_nameDomain name
directoryDirectory name
dns_viewDNS view
filter_nameFilter name
grid_masterGrid master
grid_memberGrid member
hostnameHost name of an independent appliance
id_gridGrid name
ip_addrIPv4 address
memberGrid member name
netmaskSubnet mask
networkIP address of a network
numericalNumerical entry
zoneDNS zone

The following is a list of commands that NIOS supports:

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