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Infoblox vNIOS for GCP is an Infoblox virtual appliance that enables you to deploy robust, manageable, and cost-effective Infoblox appliances in Google Cloud. Infoblox vNIOS provides core network services and a framework for integrating all the components of the modular Infoblox solution. It provides integrated, secure, and easy-to-manage DNS (Domain Name System) and IPAM (IP address management) services. For more information about the Infoblox Grid, DNS, and IPAM, refer to the 

You can use Infoblox vNIOS for GCP virtual appliances to provide enterprise-grade DNS and IPAM services across your VPC and shared VPC networks on GCP. You can deploy either a two network interface instance or a single network interface instance of the vNIOS appliance on the GCP. Instead of manually provisioning IP addresses and DNS name spaces for network devices and interfaces, you can deploy an Infoblox vNIOS for GCP instance as one of the following:

  • A standalone NIOS appliance to provide DNS services in your Google VPC.
  • A virtual cloud member tied to an on-premises (non-Cloud) NIOS Grid.

  • A Grid Master synchronizing with other GCP-hosted vNIOS Grid members in your Google VPC, and across VPCs or Zones in different regions.

Infoblox vNIOS for GCP fully supports automated allocations of IP addresses and DNS record creation for business workloads. You can reduce provisioning errors and quickly provision and de-commission resources in your public cloud. NIOS handles all IP address management of GCP instances as well as provisioning and managing all private IP addresses through IPAM.

Infoblox vNIOS for GCP deployments may be part of a hybrid cloud strategy that supports managing organizational assets on public clouds (for example, Amazon) and on private clouds (for example, OpenStack and VMware). You can use Grid Manager as a unified console to support all cloud platforms, to ensure uniform DNS policies and to provision network and IP addresses.

Limitations of vNIOS for GCP

The following features/capabilities are not supported when you deploy vNIOS for GCP:

  • Advanced DNS Protection
  • HA and LAN2 interfaces

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