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A vDiscovery job retrieves information about virtual entities in cloud environments that are managed through a cloud management platform, (CMP) such as GCP. The current vDiscovery feature supports tenants, networks, and compute VMs only. It does not support data that is retrieved from load balancer networks, load balancer VMs, Kubernetes platform VMs, application gateways, service VMs, SQL VMs, or any other VMs that are created by cloud services, such as Kubernetes service or analytics service, where the IPAM is handled by the respective orchestration engines of the cloud provider.

Note that if the vDiscovery job retrieves unsupported data from GCP, then it impacts the performance of the vDiscovery process.

You must first select a member to run the vDiscovery job. To ensure that the job is executed properly, verify the connection between the discovering member and the discovered endpoint. Infoblox vDiscovery for GCP supports the resource manager model. You can discover tenants, subnets, VPCs, and workload VMs through Infoblox vDiscovery for GCP. When you configure vDiscovery jobs, you can enable the Infoblox NIOS appliance to automatically create DNS records for discovered IP addresses of VM instances that are served by the NIOS appliance. You can configure the appliance to add DNS records for specific DNS views associated with the network view defined for public and private IP addresses of VM instances served by the appliance. For information on how to perform GCP vDiscovery, see the Selecting the Endpoint Server section in the Configuring vDiscovery Jobs topic in 

vDiscovery Limitations of vNIOS for GCP

NIOS virtual appliance for GCP has the following limitations:

  • Infoblox vDiscovery for GCP does not support discovery of load balancers.
  • When a VM in GCP uses the custom hostname option, the VM name and the VM hostname are different. The vDiscovery for GCP uses only the VM name for the managed VM and ignores the VM hostname.
  • When running vDiscovery across multiple projects, the user must create one vDiscovery job per GCP project. vDiscovery across multiple GCP projects through a single vDiscovery job is not supported.
  • When you create an instance using a snapshot on GCP and then run vDiscovery, the OS field in the IPAM tab will be blank.
  • Running vDiscovery to discover virtual entities in a service project does not discover the VM if the network interface of the VM is using the Shared VPC subnet of its host project.
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