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The Infoblox IB-4015 and IB-4025 are high performance network appliances that provide core network services, including DNS (Domain Name System), DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol), IPAM (IP Address Management), and NTP (Network Time Protocol).  A TE-4015 and TE-4025 appliance can be set up as a Grid member or a Grid Master. The appliance can operate with a second appliance of the same model in high availability (HA) mode. You configure and manage the Trinzic appliances through the Infoblox Grid Manager.

Key features of the IB-4015 and IB-4025 include the following:

  • Support for Grid management and all administrative features for Infoblox IPAM, DNS, DDNS, and DHCP.
  • Optional 10GbE or 1GBE SFP+/SFP system configurations for fiber or copper support.
  • High availability support.
  • LOM (Lights Out Management) support.
  • Field replaceable hard disk drives and fan modules.
  • Hot-swappable AC supplies.
  • Optional DC power supplies.

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