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Before setting up a NIOS virtual appliance as a Grid Master or a Grid member, you must install the virtual appliance on the Nutanix AHV platform. The instructions in this section assume that you have configured the Nutanix AHV server on your network, added the VLANs, and that you are able to connect to it from your management station. For information about configuring Nutanix AHV, see the Nutanix AHV documentation.

Infoblox recommends that you back up your existing configuration before deploying a NIOS virtual appliance.

To deploy a NIOS virtual appliance, complete the following:

  1. Upload the NIOS virtual image on Nutanix AHV from Prism web console as described in Uploading the NIOS Virtual Image on Nutanix AHV.
  2. Install the virtual appliance as described in Installing a NIOS Virtual Appliance.