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The Trinzic 805 series appliances can be made compliant with CC and FIPS 140-2 security standards. For the list of Trinzic appliances that can be made CC and FIPS compliant, see the Common Criteria and FIPS Compliant Appliances section in the Infoblox NIOS 8.5 Documentation. Both CC and FIPS give assurance that the product satisfies a set of internationally recognized security measures. CC is a set of rules and specifications to evaluate the security of Information Technology (IT) products. FIPS is a U.S government computer security standard that is designed to validate product modules that use cryptography. This is necessary to maintain the integrity and confidentiality of the end-user information that is stored, processed, and transferred by the product module. To ensure that your appliance is CC and FIPS compliant, make sure that your hardware and software settings match the evaluated configuration that was certified for both CC and FIPS. For information about how to configure CC and FIPS, refer to the Infoblox NIOS Administrator Guide.