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  1. Log in to your Azure Portal.
  2. Go to Images, and click Create to create an image from the .vhd package in the storage account.
  3. Enter all the relevant fields. In the Storage blob field, ensure that you navigate to and locate the .vhd file you uploaded to the storage account.
  4. Click Review + Create to review the image before you create it.

  5. Create a virtual machine using the image you created. In the Size field, ensure that you select the supported flavor, which is Standard_F4S.

  6. In the Custom data field, ensure that you add the parameters that are specific to your on-prem host. You can download a YML file and customize your user data file. You can then copy the information and past it here. For information about the YML file and supported parameters, see YML and JSON Templates.

    Optionally, you can use custom data with http proxy as shown below:

  7. Click Review + Create to launch the on-prem host.
  8. To check the current status of the on-prem host, you can go to Manage -> On-Prem Hosts in the Cloud Services Portal. For more information about the host status, see Viewing On-Prem Host Status.


    You cannot use the IP Interface Settings In the Cloud Services Portal to modify IP configurations for the on-prem host in Azure. Instead, use the options provided in the Azure Cloud Portal to change IP configurations for the on-prem host.