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You can use option filters to classify DHCP clients and decide which DHCP options each group of clients can receive. By default, regardless of the subnet in which the DHCP clients reside, all DHCP clients that match the filter criteria receive the DHCP options and values you define in the filter. You can change this configuration so the application does not use the filter to classify DHCP clients. For information about how to configure this, see Creating Option Filters.

You can add DHCP options and the Hardware Operator option to an option filter. For information about the Hardware Operator option, see Creating IPv4 Hardware Filters.

After you define an option space and add options to it, you can set up option filters and define option values. For example, to handle two different client classes, you can define two option filters (vendor-class_1 and vendor-class_2) and send different option values to different clients based on the vendor-class-identifier options that you obtain from the clients.

To view the list of IPv4 filters:

  1. From the Cloud Services Portal, click Manage -> IPAM/DHCP -> Filters.
  2. The application displays the following information:
    • NAME: Displays the name of the IPv4 filter.
    • TYPE: Indicates the type of IPv4 Filter, either Hardware Filter or Option Filter.
    • DESCRIPTION: Displays additional information about the IPv4 filter.

You can also do the following in the this tab:

  • Click to reorder the columns.

  • Click  -> Edit or select the check box for the respective record and click the Edit button to modify an IPv4 filter.

  • Select an IPv4 filter to view additional details. If you do not want to view the details in the right panel, click .

  • Enter the value that you want to search in the Search text box. The application displays the list of records matching the keyword in the text box.

  • Click to filter the objects by name and description.

  • Click  -> Move to Recycle Bin to move the object to the recycle bin. You can restore the object later or delete it permanently as required. For more information, see Recycle Bin.

You can perform the following actions:

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