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The servers object is available to be used in the CSV file with the following parameters:
AttributeSample values showing syntaxMandatoryDescription
HEADER-serversserversYesThe header for servers.
data.items.apiVersion``YesThe API version used to process data. Specify the value exactly as shown in the sample. 
data.items.kind`Server`YesThe value for servers is 'Server'.
data.items.mergeOptions.key`key`YesThe value is 'key' by default and no other value can be used.
YesThis field tells BloxOne how to interpret the data while importing each entry. Specify the value exactly as shown in the sample. 
data.items.metadata.creationTimestampnullNoFor internal use.`centralserver`YesSpecify the name of the server. 
data.items.metadata.namespace`default`YesSpecify the value for namespace or leave it as 'default'.
data.items.metadata.resourceVersion`1636518133345728000`NoThis is an optional field. 
data.items.metadata.selfLink`/apis/`YesThis field tells BloxOne how to interpret the data while importing each entry. Specify the selfLink as per the sample value. 
data.items.spec.Server.commentThis is the server managing central region.NoSpecify a comment. 
data.items.spec.Server.created_at.nanos263378000NoSpecify when the object must be created (in nanoseconds).
data.items.spec.Server.created_at.seconds1614269020NoSpecify when the object must be created (in seconds).

Controls who does the DDNS updates.

Valid values are:

  • client: DHCP server updates DNS if requested by client.
  • server: DHCP server always updates DNS, overriding an update request from the client, unless the client requests no updates.
  • ignore: DHCP server always updates DNS, even if the client says not to.
  • over_client_update: Same as server. DHCP server always updates DNS, overriding an update request from the client, unless the client requests no updates.
  • over_no_update: DHCP server updates DNS even if the client requests that no updates be done. If the client requests to do the update, DHCP server allows it.

Defaults to client.


The domain suffix for DDNS updates. FQDN, may be empty. Required if ddns_enabled is true. Defaults to empty.


Indicates if DDNS updates should be performed for leases. All other ddns*_ configuration is ignored when this flag is unset. At a minimum, ddns_domain and ddns_zones must be configured to enable DDNS. Defaults to false.


Indicates if DDNS should generate a hostname when not supplied by the client.


The prefix used in the generation of an FQDN.

When generating a name, DHCP server will construct the name in the format: [ddns-generated-prefix]-[address-text].[ddns-qualifying-suffix].
where address-text is simply the lease IP address converted to a hyphenated string. Defaults to "myhost".

data.items.spec.Server.ddns_send_updatesTRUENoDetermines if DDNS updates are enabled at the server level.
Defaults to true.

When true, DHCP server will apply conflict resolution, as described in RFC 4703, when attempting to fulfill the update request. When false, DHCP server will simply attempt to update the DNS entries per the request, regardless of whether or not they conflict with existing entries owned by other DHCP4 clients. Defaults to true.


The DNS zones that DDNS updates can be sent to.
There is no resolver fallback. The target zone must be explicitly configured for the update to be performed.

Updates are sent to the closest enclosing zone. Error if ddns_enabled is true and the ddns_domain does not have a corresponding
entry in ddns_zones. Error if there are items with a duplicate zone in the list.

Defaults to empty list.

data.items.spec.Server.dhcp_config.allow_unknownTRUENoDisable to allow leases only for known clients, those for which a fixed address is configured.
data.items.spec.Server.dhcp_config.filters["dhcp/hardware_filter/Nomad-001 - Hardware Filter"]NoThe resource identifier.

The list of clients to ignore requests from.

data.items.spec.Server.dhcp_config.lease_time3600NoThe lease duration in seconds.

The list of DHCP options for the IP space. May be either a specific option or a group of options. The following parameters are available:

  • group -  The resource identifier.
  • option_code - The resource identifier. 
  • option_value - The option value. 
  • type - The type of item. 

The character to replace non-matching characters with, when hostname rewrite is enabled. Any single ASCII character. Defaults to "_".


Indicates if client supplied hostnames will be rewritten prior to DDNS update by replacing every character that does not match hostname_rewrite_regex by hostname_rewrite_char. Defaults to false.


The regex bracket expression to match valid characters. Must begin with "[" and end with "]" and be a compilable POSIX regex. Defaults to "[^a-zA-Z0-9_.]".`dhcp/server/06c08709-7783-11eb-967b-ca0e9b3f8f4a` NoThis is a read-only field. The value for this field is automatically updated by BloxOne. The value for this field is automatically populated by BloxOne. 
data.items.spec.Server.inheritance_sources.ddns_block.action`inherit`NoSpecify `inherit` or `override` for DDNS blocking. 
data.items.spec.Server.inheritance_sources.ddns_block.value{}NoThe value for this field is automatically updated by BloxOne.
data.items.spec.Server.inheritance_sources.ddns_client_update.action`inherit`NoSpecify `inherit` or `override` for DDNS client update action. 
data.items.spec.Server.inheritance_sources.ddns_hostname_block.action`inherit`NoSpecify `inherit` or `override` for DDNS hostname block action. 
data.items.spec.Server.inheritance_sources.ddns_hostname_block.value{}NoThe value for this field is automatically updated by BloxOne.
data.items.spec.Server.inheritance_sources.ddns_update_on_renew.action`inherit`NoSpecify `inherit` or `override` for update on renew action.
data.items.spec.Server.inheritance_sources.ddns_use_conflict_resolution.action`inherit`NoSpecify `inherit` or `override` for use conflict resolution action.
data.items.spec.Server.inheritance_sources.dhcp_config.allow_unknown.action`inherit`NoSpecify `inherit` or `override` for allow unknown action.
data.items.spec.Server.inheritance_sources.dhcp_config.filters.action`inherit`NoSpecify `inherit` or `override` for filter settings.
data.items.spec.Server.inheritance_sources.dhcp_config.ignore_list.action`inherit`NoSpecify `inherit` or `override` for ignore list action.
data.items.spec.Server.inheritance_sources.dhcp_config.lease_time.action`inherit`NoSpecify `inherit` or `override` for lease time. 
data.items.spec.Server.inheritance_sources.dhcp_options.action`inherit`NoSpecify `inherit` or `override` for DHCP options. 
"Global DHCP Properties","source":
NoThe value for this field is automatically updated by BloxOne.
data.items.spec.Server.inheritance_sources.header_option_filename.action`inherit`NoSpecify `inherit` or `override` for header option filename. 
data.items.spec.Server.inheritance_sources.header_option_server_address.action`inherit`NoSpecify `inherit` or `override` for header option server address.
data.items.spec.Server.inheritance_sources.header_option_server_name.action`inherit`NoSpecify `inherit` or `override` for header option server name. 
data.items.spec.Server.inheritance_sources.hostname_rewrite_block.action`inherit`NoSpecify `inherit` or `override` for hostname rewrite block.
data.items.spec.Server.inheritance_sources.hostname_rewrite_block.value{}NoThe value for this field is automatically updated by BloxOne.
data.items.spec.Server.inheritance_sources.vendor_specific_option_option_space.action`inherit`NoSpecify `inherit` or `override` for vendor specific option, option space.`centralserver`Yes

The name of the DHCP Config Profile. Must contain 1 to 256 characters. Can include UTF-8.

data.items.spec.Server.tags.value`{"Location":"Santa Clara"}`NoSpecify the value for the tags in the format `{"Location":"Santa Clara"}`.
data.items.spec.Server.updated_at.nanos345728000NoSpecify when the object must be updated (in nanoseconds).
data.items.spec.Server.updated_at.seconds1636518133NoSpecify when the object must be updated (in seconds).
data.items.spec.key`centralserver`YesSpecify the name of the server. 
data.items.status{}NoFor internal use. This field can be left blank.

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